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CounselLink Helps Fast-growing Law Firm Maintain Billing Efficiency Despite Surge in Matter Volume

CounselLink Helps FastGrowing Law Firm Maintain Billing Efficiency Despite Surge in Matter Volume

Submitting invoices through CounselLink is fast and efficient, allowing the firm to process the high volume of billing within the client-imposed deadline. WSHB’s billing specialist, Michael Behizad, sums up the situation succinctly. “CounselLink is a very good third party to work between the law firms and the corporate clients in terms of providing the platform to just do our business, get our information, submit our bills and get paid.”

CounselLink provides nearly instantaneous feedback on the firm’s submitted invoices, confirming approval and calling attention to any billing issues in time for the firm to make the adjustments required to comply with the client’s billing guidelines.

Using CounselLink allows Behizad to stay on top of a matter’s billing status despite the volume he deals with. “I can just jump on a matter, click on the linked matter tab and find out any information I need,” Behizad says. He adds that CounselLink also facilitates a timely, documented appeal when it appears that the client has erred in deducting an amount from an invoice. “I can filter out by adjusted time entries and see exactly what was deducted by the client and I can easily submit an appeal or contest the entries that they’ve deducted.”

“I can just jump on a matter, click on the linked matter tab and find out any information I need.”
— Michael Behizad | Billing Specialist
“What I like about CounselLink is the instantaneous response and confirmation results.”
— Michael Behizad | Billing Specialist

Client Snapshot

Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded in 1997 by four veteran trial lawyers, the law firm, Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman (WSHB), has earned a reputation for combining excellence in trial practice with fair rates and efficient, technology enabled billing and management. WSHB’s diverse practice area expertise includes construction, general liability defense, transportation, product liability, environmental, toxic tort, employment, professional liability and medical malpractice, subrogation, insurance and commercial litigation. In 2015, Law360 recognized WSHB as one of the 250 largest law firms in the U.S.

While many law firms aspire to grow, the process is not without its challenges. For Los Angeles law firm, Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman (WSHB), growth over the years has resulted in a significant increase in the number of cases it handles. Not only has their matter volume grown, but in the case of one client, a major U.S. property and casualty insurance carrier, WSHS is bound to submit hundreds of invoices to the client by the 20th of each month. The high volume of invoices and client due date requirements makes it imperative that WSHB have a highly efficient process in place for billing.

One of the hallmarks of WSHB’s customer-focused philosophy is striving to work within its clients’ systems. WSHB’s large P&C insurance client uses the CounselLink Enterprise Legal Management platform to manage its matters and Accounts Payable function. The insurer requires the firm to submit its bills via the cloud-based ELM solution, as well, and WSHB’s billing department is pleased to comply.


  • Enables law firm to handle hundreds of more invoices without adding staff or time
  • Helps law firms receive faster payment through e-billing invoice review and appeal process
  • Gives law firm the ability to easily track, manage, budget and predict revenue stream
  • Allows law firm to automate tasks, simplify workflows and create consistent business processes across the enterprise
  • Facilitates closer collaboration and greater communication between the law firm and its client’s in-house law department

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