Strategic Advice from Experienced Consultants

Expert legal consultants provide advice and assistance on performance improvement, business process optimization, and leveraging the value of data and analytics.

Strategic Advice from Experienced Consultants

Expert legal consultants provide advice and assistance on performance improvement, business process optimization, and leveraging the value of data and analytics.

Strategic Consulting Services

Our team of experts will help you assess your department’s proficiency, fine-tune your operations and business processes, and implement strategic initiatives.

Foundational Efficiencies

Process Improvement & System Optimization

Operational Support

Budgeting, Forecasting, Executive Reporting & Dashboards

Strategic Projects

Vendor Selection & Decision Modeling

Designed to help customers optimize their use of CounselLink and the processes that support it

Analytics Fundamentals Training

Consultants conduct a hands-on training of the CounselLink analytic framework to help legal department staff learn how to use CounselLink Reporting to analyze data and succinctly answer key business questions.

Guidelines Review & Optimization

Consultants draft guidelines based on industry best practices and departmental input to improve communication with outside counsel, enhance standardization of matter management, process and billing expectations, and increase savings in outside counsel spend.

Health Check

Based on an expert assessment of your department, Health Check consultants prepare a detailed recommendations report and roadmap covering specific actions designed to increase Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) strengths and capabilities. Learn More >

Designed to help customers move beyond the fundamentals and begin to take advantage of more advanced features and the rich data captured in CounselLink

Rules Optimization

Consultants analyze trends in invoice adjustments and apply industry best practices to recommend additional rules, modifications to rules, and/or removal of rules to increase savings in outside counsel spend and improve efficiency for invoice approvers.

Matter Budget Program

Consultants design and administer a pilot program for collecting matter budgets, including documentation of process design, templates, and reports to help better manage outside counsel spend and improve communication with outside counsel.

Custom Benchmarking

Consultants mine CounselLink data for billing rate benchmarks based on custom criteria. Aggregated rate benchmarks support data-informed decisions regarding pricing.

Designed to assist legal departments in implementing specific strategic initiatives that require expertise in change management, process development, and the use of data to guide decision making and measure results

Vendor Management Program

Consultants design and help implement a process to manage law firms and other vendors. Projects include recommendation of metrics to assess vendors, and development of scorecards to communicate results and opportunities for improvement. Learn More >

Reporting Road Map

Consultants review current reports in use by operational managers, interview stakeholders regarding data and reporting needs, and provide recommendations for future CounselLink reports with a timeline to develop and start utilizing each one.

KPI Consulting

Consultants recommend a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to be used to measure departmental results and progress toward goals. Learn More >

Alternative Fee Arrangement Optimization

Consultants analyze historic matter data, engage with key law firms and interview practice area leaders to assess interest in and goals for using alternative pricing. Specific AFAs and pricing strategies are recommended by matter type to increase cost savings and improve predictability of legal spend.

Kris Satkunas

Director Strategic Consulting

As Director of Strategic Consulting at LexisNexis, Kris leads the team’s efforts to advise corporate legal department managers on improving operations with data driven decisions. Kris has over 15 years of consulting experience in the legal industry. Areas of expertise include benchmarking, practice area metrics and scorecards, dashboard design, matter pricing and staffing, and cost management.

Prior to joining the CounselLink team, Kris honed her legal industry knowledge by advising and consulting with leaders in large law firms. As Director of the Redwood Analytics Think Tank, she partnered with a group of industry thought leaders to develop advances in analytics and best practices that improve law firm performance. She has authored numerous articles and speaks regularly at legal industry conferences and events.


“Working with a trusted partner who really listens and understands the struggles that corporate legal departments face makes all the difference. The CounselLink team has the experience and know-how to guide corporate legal departments.”

Roger Bissell
Director of Legal Operations
Caesars Entertainment

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