Reporting and Analytic Services

Reporting and Analytic Services

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Custom Consulting for Reporting and Analytics

For complex reports that need a helping hand, or your team needs a custom report designed to suit you, you can count on LexisNexis® CounselLink®. Plus, let your firm’s data tell a story with graphics that go beyond reporting raw data. Our custom dashboards give management a broad view that can drill down to the details with a single touch. And our Analytic Services help pave the way for demonstrating your legal department’s value with data-driven consulting and advisement.

The CounselLink Professional Services team is here to help firms like yours with ad hoc reporting support, creating custom dashboards for easy metrics viewing, and analyzing trends with action to take.

Reporting Services

Reporting Services

Dashboard Services

Dashboard Services



CounselLink Custom Reporting Services

CounselLink captures a wealth of information about your legal spend, matter work, and vendor performance. For customers with complex reporting needs and/or bandwidth limitations to build their own custom reports, services are available to design and develop custom reports. Contact your account manager to have your unique reporting project needs scoped, or consider a Professional Services plan to receive ad hoc expert reporting support throughout the year.

Benefits of custom reports:

  • CounselLink reporting experts can quickly and efficiently translate your business needs into operational reports
  • Focused support targeted at your needs allows your internal administrators to bypass any report-building learning curve
  • Custom reports can be delivered via email on a desired schedule to ensure the relevant parties at your company receive the data they need when they need it

CounselLink Custom Dashboard Services

Leaders today want to see the results of their key performance indicators in one place, presented in a compelling format that drives action. CounselLink can meet management needs to consume information via custom dashboards. CounselLink dashboard design experts will meet with you to understand your needs and recommend optimal visual presentation of information to meet those needs.

Benefits of custom dashboards:

  • Graphics tell a story, not just report raw data
  • Information is succinctly and visually displayed on one webpage
  • User can easily interact with data (e.g., filter data output, drill to detail)
  • Hovering over graphics provides underlying detail

Example custom dashboard:

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CounselLink Analytic Services

Uncertain how to use your data to demonstrate the value of the legal department? CounselLink Analytics provides expert data-driven consulting to help establish metrics, identify opportunities for cost savings, analyze and interpret trends, and recommend actions to be taken.

Analytic Services Include:

  • Key metrics advisement
  • Savings opportunities analysis
  • Vendor scoring
  • Alternative fee arrangement (AFA) advisement
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“The LexisNexis implementation team was great. They listened to us and we worked together to work out any logistical issues. As a result, the new system worked extremely well from day one.”

Denise Carraux
VP of Legal Automation and Process Management
Stewart Title

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