CounselLink® with CLM:

Discover the benefits of a
centralized, all-in-one solution

CounselLink® with CLM:

Discover the benefits of a centralized, all-in-one solution


Solve your biggest challenges. Make better decisions.

Legal operations teams are increasingly asked to manage risks, handle contract management, determine strategy, and data analysis. Using a single Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform like CounselLink, integrated with a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, can optimize time — both in-house and with your firms — while helping prioritize high-value tasks and strategic planning. All this in tandem with improving your regulatory compliance and authoring, negotiation, and signoff cycle time.

With a connected workflow, your data can now be centralized, making it easier to access, more secure, and able to help meet compliance requirements. In addition, workflow integration will keep your team in one application for efficiency and ease of use when searching, sharing or redlining documents or contracts on a budget.

Get true collaboration, unprecedented automation, and transparency.

With CounselLink and CLM you can now have valuable insights directly from contract workflows, significantly reducing the risk to organizations and the burden on legal departments by enabling them to draft better contracts faster.

You can have self-configurable and automated capabilities to complete self-serve forms and initiate contract-related requests including:

  • Template request forms
  • Contract / redline review workflows
  • Approval & signature
  • Simultaneous collaboration with contract reviewers & tagged contributors
  • Realtime online negotiation with a counterparty
  • Secure contract repository
  • Alerts & notifications

CounselLink CLM lets you expedite authoring, streamline negotiation, and analyze executed contracts.

Manage all your work, including contract negotiation, storage, and reporting, all with a single sign-on and within one tool. CounselLink CLM features real-time collaboration, workflow automation and actionable analytics. Integrated end-to-end contract process automation makes for unprecedented ease-of-use.

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CounselLink Contract Lifecycle Management:
A New Generation of Contracting

CounselLink announces a new generation of contract management software that enables true collaboration, unprecedented automation, and transparency. Download the datasheet to learn more.


Get visibility into all your matters, work, invoices, and
contracts with a centralized, all-in-one solution.

See the value of a full-service solution all in one place to address strategic and tactical priorities to make better business decisions that will save on costs! To learn more, contact us to get a demo!

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