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What is your approximate annual outside counsel spend?

Approximately how many attorneys are in your department?

  1. Do your firms currently bill you electronically?
  2. How many staff members are in a defined legal operations role on a full time basis?
    3 or 4
    5 or more
  3. Which of the following most closely describes your department's outside counsel management process?
    We work with firms we anecdotally know and trust
    We use internal surveys to assess law firm performance
    We have a set of preferred providers based on a competitive assessment
    Firms are periodically evaluated across a consistent set of metrics
    Comprehensive firm evaluations are shared with firms
  4. Which of the following most closely describes your department's matter pricing strategy?
    We pay the rates offered by our firms
    We negotiate hourly rates
    Most of our billing arrangements are negotiated hourly rates, but we have tried some fixed/capped fees
    A matter's type and complexity drives the fee arrangement
    Pricing scenarios are run to optimize pricing on each matter
  5. Which of the following most closely describes your financial oversight of matter costs?
    In-house lawyers ask for budgets for some matters informally
    Most matters have budgets that are reviewed and approved by attorneys and housed centrally
    Budgets are developed collaboratively
    Budget accuracy is a key metric to which we hold law firms accountable
    We have a budget for almost all matters and use various sources to validate that the budgets are good and enforced
  6. Which of the following most closely describes how accessible relevant matter information and documents are to outside counsel, in-house counsel, and others in the legal department?
    Lawyers retain information in their head or keep paper files
    Documents are stored in a central repository. Other information is stored inconsistently
    We have partnered with several law firms who created extranet sites to house matter information
    Most matter information is consistently housed and accessible, but some relevant communication or key dates are not
    All communication and documentation are stored in one place, accessible by all who should have access to it
  7. Which of the following most closely describes how well you use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate, assess, and improve the value of the legal department?
    We measure our spending versus budget, but don't measure much else
    There are a few things we measure periodically when we need to, but not on a defined frequency
    We have financial metrics that are produced on a regular basis and shared with our general counsel or a very small audience
    We are in the early stages of developing a broad set of metrics to be shared with departmental leadership
    We have a comprehensive set of KPIs for all practice areas that are regularly reviewed and used by all to improve departmental performance and results

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