What Does Diversity Mean to Me?

by | Mar 25, 2021


The 2021 CounselLink Conference is being held in a virtual, three-part series. This Spring, we will have content rich programming from hands-on training, to customer roundtable discussions, to insights bar feature demos, and more. Jack Conyers III and Corina Bogdan from the Professional Services team will deliver a session specifically on Vendor Management with a focus on Diversity.

Regardless of industry most of you have seen a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (also referred to as DE & I). The next question for most is “What does diversity mean to me?”. This question, while subjective in nature, tends to generate the same theme, related to proportional representation of people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. While diversity is the heavy topic, equity and inclusion are sometimes overlooked. A diversity initiative without the pillars of people feeling appreciated/valued along with the availability of equal opportunities has a reduced impact.

How could diversity, equity, and inclusion affect your legal department?

Let’s consider how DE & I can fit into your legal department’s relationship with outside counsel. Leveraging legal experience from a diverse group of outside counsel allows a broader view into the legal work that is completed. A direct effect could be a strengthened partnership with your firms which may result in a preferred panel of firms to represent your corporation. The result is a firm that is more familiar with expectations, continuity in quality of work, and a feeling of inclusiveness. Having the ability to report back to the business with data that supports your diversity initiative can illustrate the value your legal department brings.

How do you establish a diversity program within your legal department?

Consider your corporation’s goals along with the following:

  1. Engage and communicate internally with stakeholders as well as to outside counsel
  2. Define what diversity means to your corporation
  3. Establish measurable KPIs
  4. Determine how CounselLink can assist with your goals

For example, CounselLink can help capture data points related to your internal measurements; the result is information that can be extracted from the reporting functionality. Ensure that your baseline processes are robust and enforced, the success is dependent on what data is provided and captured.

The time is now to begin discussing what diversity means and how it can benefit your legal department. CounselLink is a tool to help your team achieve its goals and start the conversation of what your diversity journey will look like. We hope you join us at the 2021 CounselLink Conference to learn more and engage!

Jack Conyers III

Jack Conyers III

Jack joined LexisNexis in 2007 on our customer service team in Dayton, Ohio. Moving through the ranks, he landed as a CounselLink Solutions Consultant in Raleigh, NC. Now part of the Professional Services Organization as a Business Consultant, Jack is passionate about solving problems and advocating for our clients. He’s enthusiastic about technology and user experience, too. Jack holds a Master’s in Human Computer Interaction from Wright State University and a green belt in Lean Six Sigma.

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