Innovative Work Management Goes Beyond Just Managing Matters




LexisNexis® CounselLink® takes a much broader and holistic view in regard to matter management. Our clients want to track and manage ALL their work—not just matters. Just as it’s important to track every line item of every invoice, it’s equally important to track all the work performed in the department. We are continuously developing Work Management capabilities that support our clients’ efforts to improve efficiency and drive greater value to the organization.


With CounselLink, there are no more disparate sources of information. Legal departments can track and route the requests that come from all directions—both from inside and outside the organization, and identify which work needs to be promoted to a matter. Once work rises to the level of a formal matter, CounselLink will continue to provide the tools to categorize and manage that work both in-house and with outside counsel.


This holistic approach is critical for General Counsel, who need to understand the full scope of work handled by their legal department to provide strategic advice, metrics, and information to their business stakeholders answering questions such as:


  • How many and what type of requests are legal receiving?
  • How is the work being allocated across the department?
  • What is the response and completion times (are we hitting our SLAs?)


With all that work captured in the system, you can look for patterns and understand opportunities to improve your processes and streamline common tasks. Work that was once handled manually or via email can be standardized, and you can set metrics and SLAs around the performance, helping to hold your department accountable, and build a stronger partnership with the other departments you collaborate with.




Work Management Defined


Is: Ability to collect, organize, track, audit, and report on all the
work performed within the legal department.


Does: Helps your legal department better manage your internal work product.


Mean: Improves the efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of
legal departments.




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