5 Benefits of Integrating Hands-on Training Into Your Legal Operations Management

by | Aug 2, 2019

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The CounselLink® Conference 2019 is coming this September, which means you still have time to register and take advantage of two packed days of educational workshops, polished talks from the CounselLink product team, and, more importantly, expert-curated hands-on training sessions.

The hands-on training sessions present a unique opportunity to deep dive into the most powerful tools and functions in CounselLink. You’ll fast-track your learning with practical, applicable skills, and develop lifelong habits to benefit your law firm’s most pressing operational management and intelligence needs.

Here are a few reasons we think hands-on training is so beneficial:

Increase Productivity and Achieve More

Do you remember the first time you sat down and started learning CounselLink software?

Whether it was a formal product training or something a little more DIY, learning all of the CounselLink tools and abilities can be a long yet satisfying endeavor.

At CounselLink Conference 2019, the hands-on training sessions serve as a crash course in productivity. If you learned about things like legal spending management or analytics reporting in your initial product training, then the hands-on training sessions will take those skills, sharpen them, and show you how to effectively apply them to a wide range of real-life situations and day-to-day activities.

Plus, several CounselLink experts will be available to provide detailed, solution-oriented answers and help you practice, apply efficiencies, and discover new processes.

Get Expert Answers to Your Biggest Questions

The CounselLink product roadmap is a long and winding road, with new features, tools, and applications coming out to make sure your legal operational management skills can meet the needs of the evolving legal industry.

With the hands-on training sessions at CounselLink, you get an exclusive look into where the product is heading. This means you can get answers about the context, reasoning, and use cases of the product’s future.

But it’s not only the future of the software that the hands-on training sessions will address. At the conference, you can take advantage of a one-of-a-kind experience while speaking with CounselLink experts. There will always be someone around who can help craft solutions to any issues or questions you may have!

Network and Learn

Conferences are all about networking and getting in touch with peers and professionals in your field. The CounselLink Conference 2019 is no different: hundreds of like-minded individuals will gather in one spot to develop their skills and learn new processes.

Attendees of the hands-on training sessions come with a wealth of knowledge, and you can find people from every corner of the business. When you connect and network with others during the sessions, you have this exceptional opportunity to learn how they handle processes for their unique business needs. Moreover, the information you come across can be a source of inspiration, giving you new ideas for process improvements.

Become a Thought Leader

Hands-on training sessions are like the front lines. You get experiential and exclusive access to new features and the product roadmap, and with insight from CounselLink experts themselves, the level of knowledge you can gain is unparalleled.

The benefits of this knowledge cannot be understated. During the hands-on training sessions, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and kick off deeper conversations with the product team and other product users. Your unique professional experiences with CounselLink software will provide crucial insights for the product team and other users to improve he overall user experience.

After the conference, the hands-on training sessions will help you position yourself as an authority in advancing and streamlining your firm’s legal operations.

Gain a Fresh Perspective Out of the Office

The day-to-day grind at most offices can sometimes work against you and your relationship with CounselLink. Not only do time constraints limit your ability to train and learn new processes and applications, but the repetition that is common in many offices can stifle creativity.

The hands-on training sessions get you out of the office so that you can gain a fresh perspective about the specific needs of your business. This is essential when developing ideas for process improvement, and the interactions with the product team and other users can help clarify and evolve your pathway to achievement.

Get Hands-on Training at CounselLink Conference 2019

When it comes to your own professional growth and the wide range of benefits you can bring to your office, there is little that compares to hands-on training. After just a few hours of practical, engaging training with product experts as well as other users, you’ll discover new strategies to implement a department-wide optimization of operations at your business—immediately and effectively.

We hope you will join us at the conference for the hands-on training sessions— you’ll benefit for years to come. The hands-on training available at the conference include:

  1. What’s New in CounselLink
  2. Reporting Skills Workshop
  3. Budget Basics

By the end of the conference, you can walk away with the skills and in-depth knowledge for turning your business operations into a well-oiled, impressive machine.

Don’t miss out on the year’s biggest event for legal operations management. Register for CounselLink Conference 2019 today!

If you need to justify the costs and show benefits to your manager, provide your manager with our Justification Packet, which provides practical information on what you can gain at CounselLink Conference 2019.

Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson

Amy leads the design, development, and delivery of educational programs that benefit various LexisNexis® user communities. She has dedicated the past 15 years to adult education and has a passion for designing learning experiences that meet each learner’s unique needs. She is adept at using technology to facilitate the learning process and lives for that ‘a‑ha’ moment in learning. Amy earned a B.S. in Biology from East Carolina University and an M.Ed. in Training and Workforce Development from North Carolina State University. When not working, Amy is an avid DIYer and can be found working in her garage on various projects.

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