Vendor Management Program: Design and Implement


Set expectations with vendors, measure results, and communicate



Engaging with the right law firms is critical to the success of legal departments, yet many departments lack structure in selecting firms, assessing firm performance, and providing regular feedback. Having a structured process in place provides the data and confidence needed to support your initiatives.  


The Vendor Management Program from LexisNexis® CounselLink® Strategic Consulting Services provides law departments with a framework to assess law firms, improve performance of firms, and showcase department value. By the end of the project, you’ll have:
  • A clearly defined set of expectations of law firms
  • A law firm scorecard containing a comprehensive set of metrics to evaluate firms
  • A process to regularly review firm performance and communicate with firms


Our Vendor Management Program consultants guide legal departments on best practices for designing a framework with this robust six-step process: Meet with departmental leadership to understand strategic priorities and vendor expectations Articulate expectations of vendors and recommend supporting outside counsel guidelines language Recommend best practice metrics for a law firm scorecard Analyze historic and benchmark data to propose thresholds and targets for scorecard metrics Design and develop vendor dashboards/ scorecards Recommend a process for ongoing communication of vendor results both within the legal department and with outside counsel  


Many legal departments have historically focused on spend management and/or matter management. But vendor management is just as important to the success of the legal department. A properly structured vendor management process that aligns with corporate objectives provides many benefits, including:
  • Objectively and consistently measure law firm performance
  • Integrate vendor management with expectations set forth in outside counsel guidelines
  • Strengthen relationships with law firms
  • Select the best mix of law firms
  • Manage the costs associated with outside counsel
  • Improve business outcomes
Effective programs incorporate measurement, goal setting, review, communication, and accountability into a routine process. Why not make it easy for corporate law departments to demonstrate their value to the organization? Establishing a disciplined process to select and assess vendors provides management tools to both improve value and to demonstrate it.  

CounselLink Strategic Consulting Services

More mature legal departments take a thoughtful, informed approach to day-to-day and strategic decisionmaking. The Strategic Consulting Group helps corporate legal departments advance in maturity through service offerings that deliver process improvement, robust use of data, metrics and analytics, and change management. Vendor Management Program img1 -  


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