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Easy-to-use, CounselLink Makes Law Firm’s Billing Fast and Efficient

According to Lowery, CounselLink has several advantages over the other two billing platforms she uses. Not only is CounselLink easier to navigate, but it also improves the firm’s relationships with its CounselLinksupported clients by providing complete transparency into the clients’ bill approval and payment process with instant notification of invoice status via email. In addition, Lowery says that the technical support she receives from the LexisNexis CounselLink team is better than that offered by the other vendors. “The technical support with the other vendors has not been too helpful…every time I’ve called them, they’ve told me they couldn’t help me.”  
“The navigation was easier (with CounselLink). There are not as many steps to follow as some of the other systems I’ve used.” — Kristy Lowery | Firm Administrator

“It (CounselLink) does make billing easier. All the way from submitting the invoice to receiving payment, it is quicker than other services that I’ve used. So, the attorneys are happy because they are paid sooner.” — Kristy Lowery | Firm Administrator

Client Snapshot

BRIDGES, YOUNG, MATTHEWS & DRAKE PLC Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas CUSTOMER PROFILE: Bridges, Young, Matthews & Drake PLC, commonly referred to as the “Bridges Firm,” dates back to 1888, when Frank G. Bridges, Sr., began practicing law in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Today, the firm’s clients include individuals and corporations engaged in a wide variety of businesses, including commercial, farming, industrial, banking, health care and insurance. BUSINESS SITUATION: A user of the LexisNexis®CounselLink Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution for approximately six years, Bridges, Young, Matthews & Drake PLC serves several corporate clients whose billing systems are based on the ELM solution from LexisNexis. Responsible for accounting, payroll and human resources at the Bridges Firm, Firm Administrator, Kristy Lowery, says that of the three billing systems with which she works, CounselLink is by far the easiest to use. SOLUTION: As is the case with many law firms, Bridges, Young, Matthews & Drake’s use of a given electronic billing system is often dictated by its corporate clients. With a sizeable roster of such clients, the Bridges Firm uses not only the CounselLink, but two other large ELM systems, to support individual client requirements for electronic invoice billing. BENEFITS: • Quicker payments to law firm • Improves productivity as less time is spent submitting and following up on invoices • Expedites invoice review and processing with e-billing practices and automatic adjustments to match agreed-upon billing guidelines • Easy to track matter billings against budgets • Facilitates closer collaboration and better communication with in-house legal departments