Dashboards: Visualize Performance at a Glance

Oct 25, 2017

Communicate critical business results to spark engagement



Management reports are abundant, but they don’t communicate a story. Leaders today want to see the results of their key performance indicators in one place, presented in a compelling format that drives action. With legal departments juggling multiple initiatives, it is easy to lose sight of whether goals are being achieved. Customized dashboards quickly provide you the right information to better manage multiple legal department initiatives. Imagine getting the picture, fast…seeing how you are tracking relative to goals such as: Dashboards Visualize Performance at a Glance -



By delivering customized, visual, interactive management dashboards that help you focus and stay on top of current initiatives. With real-time results at your fingertips you can quickly evaluate performance and call attention to outlying needs


Dashboard creation shouldn’t be onerous. We use three simple steps:

  1. Meet with a CounselLink Strategic Consultant (CSC) to discuss your key initiatives.
  2. The CSC will recommend optimal metrics and visualizations to support tracking performance toward your goals.
  3. Together, you and your CSC will finalize requirements so you’ll quickly have a true management dashboard tailored to track your key metrics.


“LexisNexis CounselLink created a dynamic visual dashboard so my management team can easily see how well we are tracking against our goals for our preferred provider program, a key strategic initiative for our legal department. I have information at my fingertips that was taking me hours to manually compile.” — Roger Bissell, Director Legal Operations, Caesars Entertainment



A dashboard is a call to action. Drive improvement in your legal department and achieve goals faster with KPI dashboards that provide greater visibility into operational and management information. These dashboards can also showcase the added value the legal department is providing to your organization.


View a brief demo of how an interactive, visual dashboard might benefit you and the business.


Talk to your CounselLink representative or call 855-974-7774 to get started.




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