Three Ways to Improve Your Team’s Experience with CounselLink®

by | Sep 14, 2017

Implementing CounselLink® was an important step in improving your legal operations, but the entire team needs to adapt for it to be truly successful. You want to make sure you are doing everything possible to make it easy and efficient for your legal department to take advantage of what CounselLink has to offer.

Make it Easier to Access with Single Sign-On

The most common support inquiry we get is users who have forgotten their passwords. It’s even more common from the more infrequent users of the system, which for CounselLink tend to be the senior members of your legal department.  The good news is CounselLink supports integration with your company’s single sign-on (SSO) system, and implementing it can provide benefits beyond improving user experience.

  • Improved security – limiting the number of passwords to remember increases the likelihood of stronger passwords that are kept confidential. SSO integration also allows compliance with corporate security initiatives and a central security policy.
  • Increased productivity – having different passwords for each application adds log-in time to each daily task, and exponentially increases the potential for problems that take a call to the help desk to solve.
  • Ability to adopt the latest CounselLink features – Some new features require SSO integration. For example, Legal Request allows people who are not CounselLink users but are on the corporate SSO to submit requests to the legal department.

Increase Value by Integrating with Accounts Payable System -

Increase Value by Integrating with Accounts Payable System

Having a single financial process span two separate systems leads to frustration and errors. Having CounselLink integrated with your Accounts Payable (AP) solution allows for a streamlined invoice process that can provide benefits across the board.

  • Save time and reduce errors – automating the process of submitting an invoice for payment once it is approved in CounselLink can save your invoice administrators a lot of time and reduce the possibility of errors.
  • Increase visibility – an AP integration with CounselLink goes both ways. The data from your AP system feeds back into CounselLink, giving your department and outside counsel more visibility into the status of an invoice.

Optimize Your Process with Billing Guidelines Refinement

The CounselLink SmartReview® rules engine reviews each line item on an invoice for compliance with your billing guidelines and automatically flags errors, which saves your team a lot of time. However, if you have too few or too many rules it ends up putting a lot of manual work back on your team to review or add adjustments. Your rules were probably set during implementation and can be revisited now that your team and outside counsel have had more experience using CounselLink. We have found that when customers work with our experts to take a data driven approach to refining their billing guidelines they see a vast improvement in satisfaction and productivity.

Interested in implementing any of these initiatives? Contact your CounselLink Account Manager or fill out this form to have one of our experts follow-up with you.

Meghan Frank

Meghan Frank

Meghan Frank is the Senior Marketing Manager for enterprise software solutions at LexisNexis Legal & Professional, which includes the InterAction Customer Relationship Management and CounselLink® Enterprise Legal Management solutions. She has an extensive background in leading marketing for enterprise technology solutions, focusing on legal technology for most of her career. Meghan holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from University of Minnesota.

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