In Their Own Words, Customers Share CounselLink Business Benefits

by | Aug 30, 2016

Customers Share CounselLink Business Benefits -

They say every good relationship begins with open communication. This is especially true when it comes to a managing a customer relationship. At CounselLink, our customer philosophy is more than simply a vendor/customer relationship. In contrast, we view these relationships as much more of a long-term business partnership.

This means soliciting regular feedback from customers to answer the age old question—how well are we doing?

In other words, are we listening to the needs of our customers and addressing their daily challenges with real, tangible solutions? Are we helping our customers control outside legal spend, drive better outcomes and communicate more efficiently with their internal and external legal constituents? And, most importantly, would our customers recommend CounselLink to their colleagues and peers?

While we strive for the answer to all of the questions to be a resounding yes, we know that we are only as good as our customers believe we are. So, rather than take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have to say about the CounselLink, in their own words:

Timothy Donovan, General Counsel, Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation Las Vegas:

“When I started at Caesar’s Entertainment seven years ago there was no e-billing system. There was little data that was available to me, so CounselLink, gave me the tools to be able to capture that information, utilize it in connection with the managing outside counsel to have outside counsel use it for setting budgets. And, for my lawyers, to be able to manage as best they could, against those budgets because they were put into the CounselLink system.”

Erin Gray, Deputy General Counsel, CNL Financial Group:

“CounselLink has solved two distinct challenges that we’ve experienced at my firm. One, with legal spend, we are actually now not only able to speak to what our annual legal spend is, but we are able to distill that data into various matter types, by law firm and even by in-house counsel that’s responsible for overseeing the matter. Secondly, on the matter management side, with tracking the length of time it takes to get from beginning to end of a matter.”

Megan Conkrite, Contract Specialist, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS):

“We have hospitals spread out over two states and four different divisions and it’s a great way for our Office of the General Counsel to be able to connect with each other.”

Feedback such as this, continues to drive us to listen and learn from our customers, so we can become better business partners to them. Our goal centers on one mission—helping our customers do more with less. We believe this can be achieved when you have the right tools, along with the right process and people in the mix.

We’re happy to see that our customers tend to agree.


This is a post by Stephen Fisher, Manager of Corporate Legal Account Management for the LexisNexis CounselLink business.


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