Business Stripes: LexisNexis Aims to Enlist Vets in NC Jobs

by | Mar 4, 2016

Business Stripes LexisNexis Aims to Enlist NC Vets

Upwards of 20,000 veterans transition from several large military bases located throughout North Carolina during a given year, according to reporting by Time Warner Cable News: Statewide Initiative Focuses on Employers to Boost Military Hiring.

An initiative to support these veterans – NC for Military Employment – began a little more than a year ago, by the governor of North Carolina, says reporter Amara Omeokwe.  Her story, which is linked nearby, covered a local summit aimed at advancing this initiative.

“Our whole focus for NC for Military Employment is to make sure we’re educating our employers on the value of hiring these high performing individuals. It’s an untapped pool of talent,” said Kimberly Williams, executive director with NC for Military Employment in the TWC story.

The challenge for many veterans seeking to begin a business career boils down to translation. The military packs its professional development training with leadership and project management techniques highly desirable for business but often describes them in a language of unique acronyms easily overlooked.

LexisNexis Reaches Out to Vets in Raleigh

With dozens of open positions in the Raleigh Technology Center of Excellence, LexisNexis supports the initiative and put BJ Schaknowski, a Marine veteran and senior vice president of sales and professional services “on orders” to attend the conference:

“What we’re doing, quite frankly, is we’re selfishly looking for the best and brightest from any and all ranks and the reality that service members give us that competitive advantage is really what’s driving us,” he said.

Are you a veteran thinking about making a transition?  Come visit the LexisNexis Open House in Raleigh and talk to our managers and recruiters.

  • What: Create, Innovate & Grow: Shaping the Future of Legal Technology
  • When: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • Where: 1801 Varsity Drive Raleigh, NC 27606
  • Cost: Free but register online here by March 15th!

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