Virtual Stocking Stuffers:  Legal Tech Resources for December

by | Dec 3, 2015

Virtual Stocking Stuffers  Legal Tech Resources for December

Legal tech nerds won’t have to wait until the holiday to unwrap new bits and bytes.  For the monthly legal tech roundup, we’re presenting several webinars, unveiling a law firm conference on business development and providing links to two newly published white papers.

Most webinars are recorded, so even if you can’t make the live presentation, be sure to register to be notified when the recording is published.  Here’s the LexisNexis legal tech line up for December 2015:

1. Large Law: Generating Leads and Introductions the Right Way

(Hint: It’s About the Value!) The most difficult part of building a practice is breaking into new relationships, both at existing and new client organizations. New relationships can take many forms: 1) working with brand-new organizations, 2) working with new areas at existing clients, and 3) building new practice relationships at existing clients. Beginning relationships are possibly the hardest part of legal work — and imperative for a firm’s growth.

2. Small Law: Monthly Checklist for Closing the PCLaw® Books

As a valued PCLaw customer you are invited to participate in our complimentary PCLaw Feature Friday Webinar series. Feature Friday Webinars provide timesaving tips and best practices for using PCLaw software. In this webinar you’ll learn basics and best practices for creating a Monthly Checklist for closing PCLaw books.

3.  Small- and Mid-Law: Back to Basics: Cash Receipts and Credit Memos

This webinar will look at using the cash wizard to apply payments in the Juris® program. Need to apply a partial payment to a bill? Use the Zoom feature. Also explored is how to recover a write-off and record the payment when a check is received after a bill was deemed uncollectable. And finally, learn how to refund a prepaid or trust balance back to a client at the close of a case.

4. Small- and Mid-Law: Automating Workflows with Chains

In law, many activities happen according to schedule, contract, statute, and convention. Overlooking or forgetting to complete an activity for any case is not acceptable. In this webinar learn how chain templates allow you to save sequences of events, to-do’s, and other items, so that you can automatically create entire sets of required activities in the Time Matters® program for each case, with just a few common entries.

5.  Litigation: Early Case Assessment Technology

The LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer tool offers you unprecedented insight into the size and scope of discovery—at the earliest possible point. This “sneak preview” enables you to analyze data at its source without ingestion and can significantly reduce the amount of data that needs to be stored, processed and ultimately reviewed — translating into huge cost savings.

6. Corporate Counsel: What Matters in Measuring Success?

Counsel and clients often assume they have a clear understanding of each other’s goals. Most would agree that winning a litigated case would be a good example of a shared goal. Yet the question of whether or not this is actually a shared goal, or even one of the more important outcomes desired by the parties, can become complex when the culture of each organization is brought to the discussion. This critical first stage – analysis of what constitutes success – must be reached before the organizations can have meaningful discussion of success measurement. More to the point of today’s discussion, we would state the question as one of performance management. We will discuss the behaviors that should be encouraged to generate success as you have defined it, and how we measure the elements of that behavior in order to have meaningful, productive, and non-pejorative discussion towards those goals.

7. Large Law Conference:  Accelerate 2016 Business Development Summit

In a first-ever BD summit, LexisNexis InterAction will feature leading experts in law firm business development.  The Accelerate 2016 conference will get you up to speed on the tools, trends and tips you need to be familiar with to protect your business, grow your business, and prepare your firm for the future. Topics include: Data Analytics – proving the ROI of your marketing and BD efforts; how your firm stacks up vs. others on the BD Maturity Model; providing the content clients are craving, and in all the right media; optimizing your firm’s client experience throughout the relationship; measurable, sustainable BD processes – and how to get buy-in.

8. White Paper: Case Organization, Analysis & Presentation in the Age of eDiscovery

Organizations clients (corporate counsel, consumers, and businesses) are looking for their counsel to be more knowledgeable around productivity and efficiency. They demand cost savings and cost predictability. This creates an opportunity for legal professionals who learn best practices in Litigation and eDiscovery to stand out, whether you’re big law, mid law, small law, corporate or government.

In this litigation 101 white paper, we will give you tips, techniques and best practices for what litigation experts need to know to remain indispensable in a changing marketplace:

9.  White Paper: Proportionality and the New FRCP Rules on eDiscovery

On December 1st, significant amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) will go in to effect. These amendments will be the most significant changes to discovery obligations made in the FRCP since 2006. Are you ready? We have developed a report to help you navigate the Federal Rules changes…focusing especially on the area of proportionality.

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