Top 10 Businesses of Law Infographics in 2015

by | Dec 18, 2015

Top 10 Businesses of Law Infographics in 2015

Every Friday we strive to present a visual element here for an ongoing weekly series we call the Friday Share.

These posts may stem from data we’ve produced or it’s simply solid information we stumbled upon in our daily adventures around the legal web. Generally, the content consists of presentations embedded from SlideShare, videos from YouTube, and especially legal infographics.

We’ve been pouring over the analytics to see which infographics resonated with the community over the course of 2015 and below are the top 10, as “voted” by readers.  Here are the most viewed infographics of 2015.

Please note: Click the headlines to read the post where the infographic was published. Click the image to see a full-sized copy of the infographic, or the source of that infographics (including the registration page for an associated report, where applicable).

1. Law Firm Bill Rates Rising?  Update on Key Legal Spend Metrics

Enterprise Legal Management Trends Webinar-header

2. Law Day Infographic:  Brief History of the Magna Carta

Law Day Infographic Brief History of the Magna Carta-header

3. Infographic Friday: 6 Types of Lawyers

6 Types of Lawyers-header

4. Infographic:  How Clients Find Law Firms

Infographic- How Clients Find Law Firms-header

5. Infographic:  Billable Hours Gained with Practice Management

Infographic Money Saved and Earned with Law Firm Practice Management-header

6. Infographic:  Amazing Coincidences of 2 Lawyers on July 4th

Infographic Amazing Parallels of 2 Lawyers on July 4th-header

7. Infographic: Cybersecurity Stats for Legal Tech

Infographic Cybersecurity Stats and Facts for Inside and Outside Counsel-header

8. Infographic:  Litigation Market to Thaw in 2016

Infographic Litigation Market to Thaw in 2016 says BTI Consulting-header

9. Infographic: Client Value as a Path to Law Firm Profitability

Infographic Client Value as a Path to Law Firm Profitability

10. Infographic: How $3 Billion is Spent in IP Litigation

Infographic How $3 Billion is Spent in IP Litigation

* * *

What are some of the topics you’d like to see rendered in infographic form in 2016?

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Photo credit:  Flickr, Kevin Gessner, Hieroglyphics (CC BY 2.0)

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