The 12 Most Engaged Business of Law Tweets on Twitter

by | Dec 29, 2015

The 12 Most Engaged Business of Law Tweets on Twitter

With just a couple days left in the year, we’re continuing our 2015 roundup series by highlighting some of the most engaged articles on Twitter: @Business_of_Law.

Based on the data, here’s a look at some of the content we shared that was highly engaged by the legal community online. We’ve identified the top four from each quarter and have linked the headline to the underlying source.

1. Solo Lawyer: Beer and Passion Meet at LegalTech | Tweet

2. Session Recap: 4 Cyber Threats Confronting Law Firms & Corporate Legal | Tweet

3. A Day in the Life of a Paralegal | Tweet

4. The legal industry “can’t outrun technology.” | Tweet

5. Bloomberg Interview with David Lat on “importance of covering biglaw” | Tweet

6. Infographic: The 6 Types of Lawyers | Tweet

7. Beyond The Billable Hour: 6 Key Insights | Tweet

8. Deep Down, Law Students Learn Like Cavemen, New Article Says | Tweet

9.  Pope Francis on Law Firm Management | Tweet

10. How do Clients find Law Firms? | Tweet

11. 10 things Lawyers Had in 19th Century They Should Get Back | Tweet  

12. Filling the Gaps that Legal Complexity Causes – An Example | Tweet

13. Address Discovery Challenges Early in Class Action Litigation | Tweet  

14. The Low-Friction Legal Industry | Tweet  

15. What are the Current Law Firm Billing Rates by Practice Area? | Tweet

16. What Role Do In-House Counsel Have in Editing Briefs? | Tweet  

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