Dear Legal:  Happy Thanksgiving!

by | Nov 26, 2015

Dear Legal  Happy Thanksgiving

We stumbled upon a contributed article by Roy Ginsburg, and published on Attorney at Work about this time last year and thought it worthwhile to share here.

The article – Lawyers, Give Thanks: You Have It Better Than You Think! – identifies three things lawyers, and perhaps the legal professionals that support lawyers have to be thankful for:

“First, we are part of a respected profession (notwithstanding all of the lawyer jokes out there). We’re proud to tell others we are lawyers and many look up to us. Often we are leaders in our communities, and the doors for these opportunities frequently open simply because we are lawyers. We should be grateful for that.

Second, we make a decent living — a living that is usually within the expectations we had when we started law school. No one goes to law school hoping to someday own a jet that they can use to travel the world to their four vacation homes. Most attend law school with the goal of being able to own a nice car and home, fully or partially fund college for their children, and have a modestly comfortable retirement. Most of the lawyers I know have achieved or are on their way to achieving these goals. We should be grateful for that.

Third, most of us actually help people. Some more directly than others, such as those who practice bankruptcy, family law, criminal law and personal injury. Others help more indirectly by supporting the work of companies that employ people. We each make an impact, the extent of which is primarily limited by our own choice of legal practice. Let’s be grateful for that.”

* * *

The LexisNexis Business of Law Blog is thankful for you – the legal community.  Indeed on behalf of the software and tech team based out of Raleigh, thank you for spending a few moments with us and wishing you a safe and restful holiday weekend!

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