Woodstock for Legal: 6 LexisNexis Legal Tech Webinars in August

by | Aug 5, 2015

Woodstock for Legal 7 LexisNexis Legal Tech Webinars in August

Woodstock was first held in August 1969.  It yielded more than 30 performances to some 400,000 people and some say it changed the culture.

The LexisNexis lineup of software and technology webinars for August probably won’t be anything like Woodstock.  Not even close.

However, these webinars are intended to help customers to get more value and become rock stars with the products they’ve purchased and might help shift the legal technology culture.  These are often recorded, so you can sign up today and then watch them later at a more convenient time.

Here’s a look at the webinars to be held this month:

1. Processing Electronic Payments in PCLaw

This webinar will demonstrate electronic payment processing in the LexisNexis® PCLaw® application with OpenEdge for faster collections, increased cash flow and guaranteed payments. In this webinar you’ll learn and see all the benefits of utilizing integrated credit card payments for your law practice:  quickly guarantee payment – while separating out costs from your operating account – not the trust account; increase cash flow; save time and money; and improve client service.

2. Back to Basics – Time and Expense Entry in Juris Core

This webinar will give you a refresher on the time and expense entry methods using the LexisNexis® Juris® Core software. You’ll learn how to leverage text codes to speed up time/expense entry and achieve consistent entries across timekeepers. We’ll also teach you how to activate a timer in time entries in Juris core and how to import time and/or expense entries directly into the system from a CSV file.

3. Triggers to Boost Productivity in Time Matters

This webinar will teach you to automate common actions in the LexisNexis® Time Matters® software to help your team work more efficiently. You’ll learn how to define rule-based trigger events which cause other activities to launch in the program when a modified record is saved.

4. Corporate Legal: PepsiCo Configuration Optimization

Implemented in 2008, the LexisNexis® CounselLink® enterprise legal management (ELM) system was originally configured to align with the PepsiCo law department’s business unit- based operations structure. After numerous complaints by internal staff relating to the processing of invoices, PepsiCo’s Director of Business Operations, Jerome Walters, recognized that the company’s CounselLink system needed to be realigned to reflect the changes that had occurred in the food and beverage giant’s organizational structure since the CounselLink implementation.

5. P&C Insurance Claims and Litigation Cost Containment Survey Webinar

We surveyed Property and Casualty Insurance Companies to find out what they’re key initiatives are for 2015/16 and what they are doing to contain claims and litigation costs. Join insurance industry expert Dan Ruderman as he discusses what we found and assesses the dynamics driving the findings. Is your company following industry trends or is it an outlier? Join this short, fast-paced, live webinar to find out.

6. Litigation: LAW PreDiscovery

The LexisNexis® LAW PreDiscovery® tool  is an imaging and electronic processing software that empowers litigation teams to ingest ESI filter, cull and process electronic discovery for review or production. Processing in LAW PreDiscovery includes, TIFF/PDFing, OCR, e-mail threading, near-duplicate identification and much more.

* * *

If you have an idea or a speaker for a webinar you’d like to see, please do a comment.  We look forward to hosting you on one or more of these webinars.

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