Infographic: Amazing Coincidences of 2 Lawyers on July 4th

by | Jul 3, 2015

Infographic Amazing Parallels of 2 Lawyers on July 4th-header

Twenty-six of the 44 Presidents in U.S. history also served as lawyers.  On the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, it seems fitting to highlight two of them who also served as founding fathers:  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Sometimes friends and sometimes bitter political rivals, their lives have amazing coincidences:  the both passed the bar at 24; they were both married at 28, they both served as U.S. President, and they both passed from this world on the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

The infographic nearby summarizes some of the coincidences and it seems especially fitting for this week’s Friday Share.  Wishing the legal community a safe and enjoyable celebration of our country’s independence.

(Click here or image for higher resolution)

Infographic Amazing Parallels of 2 Lawyers on July 4th-small

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