Friday Share:  LexisNexis Software and a Sign of the Times

by | Jan 16, 2015

LexisNexis Raleigh NC

While we completed the office relocation to NC State’s Centennial Campus last summer, just yesterday we got our sign.  Literally…we got a big sign on our new building, as the photo nearby illustrates.

To commemorate the occasion, we’re forgoing legal infographics and YouTube videos that are normally found in the Friday Share series for a humble brag today.  And we’ll also offer a pitch for the open positions in the Raleigh office.

LexisNexis Hiring in Raleigh

One goal of the relocation in the original announcement in September 2013 – LexisNexis Goes “Back to School” at NC State – stated:

LexisNexis aims to leverage its office location on campus to an advantage in attracting talent to its software businesses.

Indeed, at the time of this writing there are some 75 open positions on our Raleigh website dedicated to LexisNexis Careers.

For those that peruse the positions listed (by clicking the “apply” button at the top of the home page, you’ll find jobs in virtually every business function:  marketing, development, product management, training, finance and others.

* * *

Here are some of the announcements stemming from Raleigh that might be of interest to prospective candidates:

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