5 Things Corporate Legal Execs are Seeking in Data Security

by | Jan 28, 2015

5 Things Corporate Legal Execs are Seeking in Data Security

Note: The following is a guest post from Daryn Teague, who provides support to the litigation software product line within the LexisNexis software division.

The efficient management of legal data has never been easy to achieve, but the stakes are suddenly much higher for in-house counsel and their outside law firms.

With an alarming number of large American companies and government agencies victimized by organized cybersecurity breaches in recent months, corporate legal executives, their colleagues in IT and their outside counsel are mobilizing to confront the threat.

At the January 2015 meeting of The Legal Innovation 2020 Working Group (LI 2020), participants provided some examples of what they’re seeking this year in order to help them do a better job in the areas of data security and information governance:

1. A common language that supports collaboration between corporations, law firms and third-party legal technology vendors.

2. More case studies and specific “best practices” of how other companies have achieved successful process improvement in their information governance plans.

3. An accurate and independent report on employee head count at corporations of various sizes with respect to data security and information governance teams.

4. Greater clarity on laws in various countries around the world governing how we must treat data involving both employees and customers.

5. Better insights into challenges faced by each player in the industry – the corporate client, the outside law firm and the legal vendor – so we can learn from each other and better work with each other.

LI 2020 is an invitation-only forum consisting of thought leaders in the legal industry who gather for monthly virtual meetings in order to be engaged and educated on evolving trends that impact legal business models. The program is currently focused on the rapidly increasing impact of information security challenges on the legal industry.

The LI 2020 initiative is managed by The Cowen Group and is underwritten by the LexisNexis litigation software business, which is part of the LexisNexis software division.

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Law Firms Mobilize to Deal with Data Security Threat

Enjoy this post?  Going to LegalTech NY next week?  The Cowen Group is moderating a panel in the Emerging Technology Track titled: Law Firms Mobilize to Deal with Data Security Threat that might also be of interest.

What: LegalTech Panel, Law Firms Mobilize to Deal with Data Security Threat
When: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m.
Where: Sutton Center
Who: Open to all #LTNY attendees


Moderator:  David Cowen, Managing Partner, The Cowen Group

Photo:  Flickr, Yuri Samoilov; CC BY 2.0

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