Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

by | Dec 19, 2014

Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

Fridays have been fun on the Business of Law Blog because we usually look to publish something on the “sharable” side as part of our Friday Share series.

We’ve experimented with a range of shareable content including videos from YouTube, presentations from SlideShare, Hollywood previews, sometimes heady, but entirely fascinating, position papers from Scribd and of course, our favorite, legal infographics.

Good infographics ought to reflect a thoughtful and visual presentation of data — and preferably in a storyboard format.

There are more than 20 infographics on these pages that we have published this year – some of them are our own while others are content we curated.  We took a look to see which infographics readers of this blog seemed to gravitate towards the most as determined by the most clicks.

Here are the top 10 infographics related to the business of law:

1. Trends Shaping the Legal Industry

This infographic by Robert Half Legal is based on a survey it conducted and identifying the biggest trends shaping the legal industry. (click to enlarge)

a-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

2. Billing Rates and Discounts Rise

This contributed post by Larry Bodine presents an infographic developed jointly by Law360 and BTI Consulting and analyzes extensive research about law firm billing rates. (click to enlarge)

b-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

3. Law Firms are Warming Up to the Cloud

Based on a survey of nearly 300 lawyers, this infographic was produced by the LexisNexis Firm Manager team examinees the benefits, drawbacks and growth of the cloud in the legal community. (click to enlarge)

c-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

4. The Future of the Law Office

Based on a collection of sources, this infographic weaves together a predictive timeline from 2008 to 2024 where legal will be a “fully open market.”  (click to enlarge)

d-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

5. The Case Against Billable Hours

In one of the few infographics we’ve seen developed by a law firm, San Diego Law Firm ties together a history and data to make a case – in an infographic – against the billable hour.  (click to enlarge)

e-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

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 6. The Enduring Legal Dress Code Debate

Another fine infographic by the team at Robert Half Legal defines the arguments made at the Supreme Court of Dress Codes in Casual v. Formal.  No decision was rendered but readers can draw their own conclusions. (click to enlarge)

f-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

7. Cloud vs. Premise Software

While this infographic is not specific to the legal market, it does articulate benefits and drawbacks of the cloud we often hear discussed in legal circles.  Also see:

(click to enlarge)

g-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

8. A Dramatic Rise of Mobile in Legal

This infographic developed by Bellefield Systems, LLC, paints a picture of how mobile technology is shaping the legal industry. (click to enlarge)

h-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

9. Legal Industry getting a Dose of Startup

This was an exciting infographic developed by a legal start up called NextChapter, which meticulously combed through public data sources to produce it. The company CEO wrote an excellent analysis on Lawyerist: Legal Tech Startups in 2014. (click to enlarge)

i-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

10. What are the Top Corporate Legal Goals?

this infographic was also produced the LexisNexis CounselLink team and based on survey of 95 law departments – the vast majority of respondents were senior attorneys working in corporate counsel. (click to enlarge)

j-Top 10 Legal Infographics of 2014

* * *

One of our favorite infographics, which identifies which US Presidents were also lawyers, did not make the top 10 list.  What legal infographics did you see this year that also did not make the list?  Please feel free to point it out in the comments or tweet us a link: @Business_of_Law

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