YouTube Friday:  LexisNexis takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

by | Aug 29, 2014

lexisnexis ice bucket challenge

Mike Lipps likes to keep employees on their toes and one technique is to weave little surprises into town halls – a monthly meeting where he reviews the state of the business with a focus on customers, employees and stakeholders.

This month he introduced the Ice Bucket challenge.  An employee in California had taken the challenge and in a video posted to Facebook, challenged Mr. Lipps and several other members of the LexisNexis software division, which is headquartered on NC State’s Centennial Campus.

As a twist, he, err, encouraged, other members of the leadership team to participate.  Other employees were invited to “dunk” the leadership team; the people selected to perform the honors were chosen by random drawing.  And naturally, the video was posted to YouTube and is this week’s Friday Share.

The software division’s leadership accepting the challenge – from left to right – is as follows:

  1. Mike Lipps, managing director
  2. BJ Schaknowski, vice president, Sales and Professional Services
  3. Claudine Diaz, executive assistant to Mike Lipps
  4. David Fuoto, vice president, Operations
  5. Angela Petros, vice president, Marketing
  6. Wade Ficken, vice president, Finance
  7. Mathew Gillis, vice president, Product Management for Litigation Software
  8. Jonah Paransky, vice president, Product Management for Business of Law Software
  9. Bernie Emsley, vice president, Product Development
  10. Carol Brani, associate general counsel

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