Power of Lists: 51 Twitter Handles for Legal Pros to Follow

by | Jul 21, 2014

twitter handles for legal pros

A little while ago, LexBlog founder Kevin O’Keefe  gave us a compliment in a post titled Two legal companies doing Twitter the right away.  While we can’t attest to whether or not we’re doing it the “right away” as Mr. O’Keefe said, we do work at it and just like the rest of the professionals in the legal industry, we too at times struggle to keep up with the sheer volume.

Twitter especially is noted for its volume.  Simply take a moment a just watch your stream for a few minutes – tweets fly by with incredible speed. The more people you follow, the faster the Twitter seems to get.

This is where features, like Twitter Lists and tools like Paper.li become invaluable.  Twitter lists allow you to organize Twitter accounts and handles by a topic of your choice; then when you review that list, only updates from those people (or organizations) will appear.  As an added means of filtering,  Paper.li is a tool will sort through lists you’ve identified (and other sources too if you wish) and display the top tweets in a daily “paper.” Our Paper.li is called The Business of Law Daily and it’s posted daily on Twitter and also available by email subscription.

We’ve created about two dozen lists for the @business_of_law handle – mostly public, but also a few that are private – and we’ve also been added to a couple dozen lists by other members of the Twitterati. Private lists are useful for those lists you do not want to be publicly available.  A law firm for example, might compile a list of clients, prospective clients or even competitors as a means to stay abreast of their news.    You can add a Twitter handle to a list without “following” that handle.

To help illustrate the power of Twitter lists, we’ve culled through our own Twitter lists and pulled out a few handles that we thought might be of interest to the larger community.  To be clear, this is not a ranking, competition or an endorsement, it’s merely a list of people and organizations we’ve found interesting on Twitter.  It is by no means comprehensive either – there are thousands of interesting legal professionals!

While we didn’t publish a list legal media or bloggers (blawgers) in this post, there are lists for those two categories as well.  If you’re looking for LexisNexis software business leadership, you can find Mike Lipps on Twitter @LexisMike and in addition, we’ve got a list with 59 members from the @LexisNexis tribe.  Finally, there are some interesting people you might consider following to be found on these two posts:

Lists do take a little effort to maintain. Over time, you’ll likely want to add, remove or even adjust Twitter handles from one list to another.  Here are a few lists that might help you get started:

Inside Counsel and General Counsel Twitter List

  1. @BradSmi
  2. @rsigroche
  3. @BehniaGC
  4. @AMPrivacy
  5. @jkhogan
  6. @DCaseyFlaherty
  7. @CarolOnAdvLaw (Ms. Brani is our associate GC)

Big Law Twitter List

  1. @WhiteCase
  2. @GT_Law (Greenberg Traurig)
  3. @DLA_Piper
  4. @reedsmithllp
  5. @JonesDay
  6. @Mayer_Brown
  7. @SkaddenArps
  8. @Orrick
  9. @DuaneMorrisLLP
  10. @Kirkland_Ellis
  11. @bakermckenzie

Legal Knowledge Management List

  1. @nickknoco
  2. @jogdc
  3. @ozbenamram
  4. @felicitybadcock
  5. @mlwilliams77
  6. @VMaryAbraham

NC Legal Professionals List

  1. @pegeenturner
  2. @BillFaison
  3. @kirschsubjudice
  4. @NCInsuranceLaw
  5. @NCBAorg
  6. @ErikMazzone (PMA with the NC Bar)
  7. @WakeCountyBar
  8. @camillestell (president of the local LMA chapter)

Legal Associations List

  1. @LMAintl2 (Legal Marketing Association)
  2. @CCCA_News (Canadian Corporate Counsel Association)
  3. @ACCinhouse (Association of Corporate Counsel)
  4. @ALABuzz (Association of Legal Administrators)
  5. @ABAesq (American Bar Association)
  6. @ltrc (ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center – also see: @LawPracticeTips)
  7. @ILTANet (International Legal Technology Association)

Movers and Shakers List

  1. @catherinereach (PMA with the Chicago Bar)
  2. @Mark_Britton (Avvo CEO)
  3. @planty
  4. @LennyIzzo (ALM’s CMO)
  5. @jeffrey_brandt (Edits the PinHawk Tech Daily)

Legal Academics List

  1. @SoCalTaxProf
  2. @JonathanTurley
  3. @Andrew_Perlman
  4. @ericgoldman

Legal Consultants

Note:  This isn’t one of our lists, but in organizing this post, it occurred to us that perhaps it should be a list.

  1. @HudsonLegal
  2. @HuronLegal
  3. @BTIConsulting
  4. @lawyermetrics

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