Top 10 #BusinessofLaw Posts you Might have Missed in June

by | Jul 8, 2014

Top 10 Business of Law Posts you Might have Missed in June

If there’s a lesson to be learned for legal bloggers from this month’s analysis, it would be this:  While we think of a blog as an external communications tool, it has implicit internal communications value as well.

While we keep most posts focused on the legal community,we occasionally share what we’re doing in our own local community.  Case in point:  The most read post this month on the Business of Law Blog focused on our employees that finished a triathlon event that we also sponsored.

With more than 200 social shares, that’s about as viral as content gets in the legal community, and we’re pretty certain most of the shares originated with employees. Its good news too since the software division in Raleigh has approximately 50 open positions in our Software Center of Excellence.

Here are the most read blog posts for June 2014:

  1. 10 Telling Images from the LexisNexis Ironman Raleigh 70.3
  2. 4 Ways Tech is Changing Small Law
  3. Four Favorite iPad Apps for Legal Road Warriors
  4. What does Law Firm CRM Really Mean?
  5. Embrace Your Law Firm Clients: 3 Ways to Make More Rain
  6. Keynote Video:  Painting a Picture of the Legal Services Industry
  7. 5 Tips from Peter Drucker for Increasing Law Firm Profitability
  8. Lies and Truths:  8 Tips for Law Firm Marketing Online
  9. The 4 Strategic Options in Software for Law Firm Accounting
  10. SlideShare Friday:  IT Best Practices for Small Law

Want to be involved in the Business of Law Blog?

It’s worth pointing out the second most read post in June was an interview with the law office of Closson, Bass & Tomberlin, which is also a Time Matters customer. We are of course very interested in speaking to, and publishing the ideas from, customers, industry enthusiasts, and generally anyone with strong viewpoints that are useful to legal professionals.

Got an idea you’d like to kick around?  Send us an email and let’s get started!

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