Infographic Friday: When the POTUS was a Lawyer

by | Apr 11, 2014

When the POTUS was a Lawyer

Among the 44 leaders who have served as President of the United States, 26 of them were lawyers. This means 59% of those serving in the top executive spot had law degrees.

This according to an infographic we first spotted in a post by A2L Consulting titled: 15 Fascinating Legal and Litigation Infographics.

We’re struggling a bit to find a “business of law” angle here, so we’ll settle instead for political affiliation among those 26 lawyer-Presidents:

  • 50% Republican
  • 38% Democrat
  • 8% Whig
  • 4% Federalist

Alas, the Bull Moose Party isn’t represented here, as its founder Teddy Roosevelt was opted for a profession other than law. The complete infographic is presented below, and since its Friday, please here’s a quick recap of the other “Friday Shares” we’ve posted recently:

Update 4/15/14:  There is (at least) one error in this infographic: Rutherford B. Hayes is listed twice.  We believe the second listing should have been William McKinley who served from 1897 to 1901 and was also a lawyer.

United States Presidential Lawyers

Infographic Friday When the POTUS was a Lawyer

Photo credit Flickr via Creative Commons; CC 2.0

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